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Dr. Walden Hughes, Professor of Piano, Northwest Nazarene University:
Wow, The book is superb, fabulous work!
​"The Art of Piano Fingering: Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative" by Rami Bar-Niv, fills a tremendous void in the realm of the pianistic world. Published in 2012, it is the first book of its kind in the 303 year history of the piano. Mr. Bar-Niv, a world-renowned concert artist and master teacher who has performed extensively on 5 continents, has recognized that although virtuoso pianists have learned to figure out the best fingerings as they learn new repertoire, no one has systematized the process over the past 3 centuries in a way that can be taught effectively to others.
Students are typically simply left to flounder as they wallow and stumble through learning new pieces, with only the standard scale and arpeggio fingerings to guide them. 
Glancing at the Table of Contents, prior to reading this outstanding book, I became very excited and recognized immediately the remarkable contribution Mr. Bar-Niv has made to pianistic society world-wide. Only Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments comes anywhere near this accomplishment, and although it had a great impact on 18th century keyboard players, that treatise was conceived and written for harpsichordists, not pianists. 
"The Art of Piano Fingering" is an exceptional contribution to the future of pianism, and should be required reading for all piano teachers and piano students. Order your copy today; you will be immensely grateful you did!

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Jeremy Todd, amateur pianist:
This book is truly the first of its kind, and it is perhaps three hundred years overdue. The depth of coverage will surprise even the most accomplished pianists.

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Kevin Coan, Moderator of the E-group "Piano-Teachers":

Rami's new book on fingering is a "must have"! I highly recommend it to everyone in the group.
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Linda Kennedy, a piano teacher:
I highly second that recommendation.